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Cryogenic Globe Valve
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Cryogenic Globe Valve

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 Cryogenic Globe Valve




We currently can produce cryogenic globe valves for working temperature down to -196 which are widely used in LNGLPGair separation and other low temperature industry. Wuzhou in-house computer controlled test facility can certify valves up to48”.


Design Features

Design standard as per: BS6364GB/T 24925

Extended bonnet

Low emission packing

Full stellite overlay seat sealing surface

Discharge holes at the upstream end can prevent body and bonnet cavity pressure rising abnormally 

Prevent stem instability structure


Product Range

Body material: low-temperature carbon steel, carbon steel

Nominal diameter: 1/2"48"DN15~1200

Pressure range: Class1502500PN10~420

End connection: RF, RTJ, BW

Working temperature:-196+120

Operation: handwheel, gear box, electric, pneumatic , hydraulic actuator, etc.

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