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Cryogenic Ball Valve
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Cryogenic Ball Valve

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 Cryogenic Ball Valve




Cryogenic ball valve is suitable for service of working temperature down to 196, such as LNG, LPG, and air separation industry. The cryogenic trunnion ball valves are produced by the most advanced technology. It is designed with LIP SEAL which can keep valves with excellent sealing performance in ultra-low temperature. Wuzhou cryogenic test laboratory can test valves up to NPS32.


Design Features

Design standard as per: BS6364GB/T 24925

Bonnet extended

Low fugitive emission control

Lip seal

Cavity pressure self relief
adopt import seat material of stable low temperature performance
The seat and pressure relief structure can be adapt varies working condition
Top entry structure is convenience to on-line maintenance


Product Range

Body material: Stainless Steel, Cryogenic Alloy Steel, Dual-Stainless steel

Floating and trunnion mounted ball valve(Side and Top Entry)

Nominal diameter:1/2"60"

Pressure range:Class1501500

End connection: RF, RTJ, BW

Working temperature:-196+200

Operation : wrench, worm gear, electric, pneumatic actuator, gas over oil actuator, electro-hydraulic actuator , etc.

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