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Pig valve
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Pig valve

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Pig valve


Pig valve is mainly used for water, oil, natural gas pipeline valve isometrictransmission model in cleaning pipeline pigging, for transmitting and receiving.With the corresponding pipe cleaner can easily complete the pipeline cleaning,emptying isolation and sequential transmission medium, detection of pipelinesystem work. Can completely replace the traditional use of in pipe cleanertransceiver tube as the core complex pipe cleaner transmitting, receiving device.Structural characteristics of pipe valve is a new valve Qing innovation designmodification and increase the function in the fixed ball valve structure based on the principle of post. Completely inherited the performance characteristics of twotruncated type valve, opening and closing valve is realized through the rotation of 90 DEG. The ball core, easy to discharge and design of double blocking (Doubleblock and bleed) so that the valve in the fully open or fully closed condition candischarge cavity medium, the function is clear must pipe valve.

At the side of the valve body opened a branch, the branch center and thepipeline center perpendicular installation fast opening blind plate and a vent valve on the branch pipe so that the pipe cleaner can be conveniently put intopig valve or valve is removed from the pigging, ball through hole with bigger diameter, one end of the through hole is arranged to hinder pigging allowed media flow through and retaining strip.

100% pressure test and ensure the sealing parts without any visible leakage; firesafety design, when the elastic seat is burning, metal to metal contact is formed between the valve and the valve seat; the valve body and valve cover and a valve rod parts are set high temperature resistant graphite gasket, ensure the high temperature sealing reliability, refractory test accords with API 6FA and API 607 standard requirements; antistatic design, conducting electrostatic spring ensures sphere, the valve rod and the valve body between the good conductingelectrostatic safety derived friction.

Product Range
Body material: carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel
Nominal diameter:2"~80"(DN50~DN2000)
End Connection: RF, RTJ, BW
Pressure range: Class150~2500(PN16~PN420)
Working temperature:-46℃~+200℃
Operation: Wrench, worm gear, electric, pneumatic, gas over oil actuator and electro-hydraulic actuator

KTQ/B PCII347F-16C-DN200-AS K- said the anti sulfur and non sulfur resistantwithout; T- said that the gas is special, non natural gas without; B- represents theinsulation jacket; non thermal insulation type without; PV- said pipe cleaning device; II- said with by-pass type /I represents a standard type /III said isolation type; 3- represents a worm gear transmission; 4- said flange connection fixed ball three; 7- represents the formula; F- said valve seat sealing PTFE/N- nylon; 16- nominal pressure; C- for carbon steel WCB/P stainless steel CF8, DN200- publicpath; AS- said antistatic structure, non anti-static without.

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